Nuru massage is often considered the most sensual type of massage, as the practitioner applies pressure with their entire body. The two bodies glide against each other, releasing tension and encouraging relaxation. If you want a sexy massage experience, Nuru massage never disappoints.

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What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is an ancient massage technique where the practitioner applies a slippery gel to both parties. The Nuru provider then glides their body over the client, providing highly stimulating body to body contact. Generally, both the practitioner and client are fully nude and the experience is highly arousing. 

The term “Nuru” which means “slippery” in Japanese, describes the type of oil, which is extracted from seaweed. The lubricant is one of the slippiest oils known to man. Nuru oil is odorless and gives the skin a high sheen so the body looks almost shiny.

Are Nuru Massage Girls Nude?

Yes, the Nuru massage practitioner will be fully nude to provide the most sensual massage session available.

How Long Does a Nuru Massage Session Last?

Nuru massage therapy sessions start at 60 minutes and can last for hours at the client’s discretion. Sixty minutes is generally the minimum due to the traditional strokes and postures dictated in a traditional Nuru massage routine.

What is the History of Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage originated in the town of Kawasaki Japan in the 1950s when the red light section was effectively outlawed. You can read about the history of Nuru in detail here:

What are Other Names for Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage can also be referred to as a “body glide massage” or “body glide session” as both bodies glide against each other due to the slippery gel. 

Nuru Massage is a specific technique that is a subset of Erotic Massage. The two main types of Erotic Massage being Nuru and Tantra Massage.

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Nuru Massage?

As always, the sooner the better. Our top Nuru girls are in high demand, and if you delay, you may not get the specific girl you want at the specific time you want.

But if your time slot is flexible, you can generally book the same day. Just be sure to give the Nuru girl at least 45 minutes travel time, as the Las Vegas strip can be tricky with traffic at peak times.


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